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Traditional and Cosmetic Fillings

Are you experiencing symptoms of tooth decay? Anything from a lapse in flossing to drinking juice on a regular basis can cause demineralization of our tooth enamel. When it does, you begin to see symptoms of cavities, like:

  • Tooth sensitivity
  • A rough or sharp area
  • Darkening of the enamel
  • Food sticking in specific places
  • A bad taste in your mouth

If a cavity isn’t treated early enough, it can cause the nerve to become infected, resulting in an abscess. That’s why Dr. Cook carefully inspects each tooth for early signs of decay so that they can be addressed when the problem is smaller. When a cavity is found, we offer two types of fillings:

Amalgam Restorations

A traditional metal filling is often a more economical choice and ideal in areas that are difficult to keep dry during the appointment.


These tooth-colored options are ideal when we need to fill a tooth toward the front of your mouth. The material is custom-matched by Dr. Cook so that it blends in with the color of the enamel around it. Once it’s placed, you most likely won’t even be able to see it.

Diagnosing Tooth Decay

Sometimes cavities aren’t visible during an exam or can’t be felt with specific instruments. That’s why we routinely take low-radiation digital x-rays to inspect the areas between the teeth. Most of our healthier patients only need x-rays every 12 months, but people at a higher risk of tooth decay may need to have them taken more frequently. A prescription fluoride gel may also be recommended – especially if you are wearing braces.

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