Endodontic Therapy

Sometimes filling a tooth or putting a crown on it just isn’t enough. But instead of having to pull the tooth, we can take an extra step to extend its function for several more years by performing a root canal.

Root canals are like fillings that extend into the chamber inside the middle of the tooth, through the root. They seal out bacteria and infection after a diseased nerve has been removed. Dr. Cook recommends doing this when we see evidence of nerve damage, such as:

  • Abscesses along the gum lines
  • Darkening of the enamel on an individual tooth
  • Accidental trauma, such as a fall or sporting injury
  • Deep cavities or cracked teeth
  • Severe pain or sensitivity
Diagnosing an Abscessed Tooth

If we suspect that your tooth is infected, we will take what is called a periapical x-ray. This angle of an image shows us the tip of the tooth’s root, as well as the structures immediately around it. When an infection is present, we will see a dark shadow or halo around the root tip. Temperature tests may also be necessary.

If you feel that your abscessed tooth requires immediate attention, we do have emergency dental appointments available, often same day. Schedule an appointment at 256-539-4079.

Most endodontic procedures are completed right here in our Huntsville office. Should you have a particularly challenging case, Dr. Cook may refer you to an endodontic specialist in the area.

After Your Root Canal

You might just be surprised at how simple having a root canal can really be. We focus closely on your comfort throughout the entire process, and it’s easier than what you’ve probably heard.

After the treatment is over, we’ll want to put a crown on top of your tooth. A crown will protect the brittle enamel that is prone to chipping, due to the tooth not being alive. It also restores aesthetics to your smile as it matches the shape and color of the teeth nearby.

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