Patient Appreciation Plan

At Twickenham Family Dentistry, we realize that one of the most common reasons people avoid needed dental care is due to the cost. To address this we’ve created our Patient Appreciation Plan. Our goal is to help those members of our dental family who do not have insurance, yet need predictable costs for their dental care. The plan provides easy access to preventative services, such as cleanings, and makes other treatment more affordable.

Membership Fees
$200 for an individual membership (One adult member of a household)
$500 for a Family plan of 3 ($100 per additional child)

Member Benefits over a one year period:

• 2 routine cleaning visits (includes doctor’s dental exam, any X-rays/radiograph needed, and our oral cancer screening)
• Any needed emergency evaluations and X-rays needed at those visits
• 30% off other services

Membership Terms & Conditions
This plan is not insurance plan, and fees are determined by a straight, across the board discount from our office’s set fee schedule, not by an insurance company.

There are no waiting periods for needed care; nor any predeterminations, maximum annual benefit amounts, deductibles, or denials.

The plan applies to care received within 12 months from the start date of the plan. A one week grace period will be given for completion of the second routine cleaning appointment.

Both routine cleaning appointments must be scheduled at the initiation of the plan.

No benefits continue after the 12 month period has lapsed.
(This is designed to ensure that patients stay healthy receiving their needed treatment, exams, and 2 cleanings each year.)

This plan is not available for individuals who already have dental insurance nor can it be used in conjunction with or secondary to dental insurance.

No benefits are transferable among individuals.


Please note that periodontal care scaling and root planing, full mouth debridement, comprehensive periodontal evaluation, are excluded from this plan’s inclusion but are subject to the 30% fee reduction.

Tooth whitening and orthodontic services are not covered by this plan in any manner and will be subject to the normal fee schedule for Twickenham Family Dentistry. This plan applies to services rendered by our office only and do not apply to any fees incurred from a specialist referral made by our office.

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