Dental Veneer

If you have a bigger change in mind – our porcelain veneers offer the most dramatic smile makeover possible. Each one is bonded over a tooth to change everything about the way it looks. Placing several veneers side-by-side can give you a straighter, whiter smile in just two visits.

    Easily fix teeth that look:

  • Crooked
  • Gapped
  • Misshapen, chipped, or worn
  • Discolored
  • Uneven
Why Our Smile Makeovers are Different

When done poorly, veneers can cause teeth to look fake, but Dr. Cook wants them to be everything that you imagined. That’s why he takes specific steps to ensure that your new veneers are exactly what you have in mind.

First, we take a series of intra-oral photos and molds of your mouth. We use this information to create models of your teeth, which Dr. Cook uses for a “wax up.” What this means is that he will build areas up on the model so that you can see what the veneers would do to the shape of your smile – before we even start treatment.

The Placement Process

Next, we create a set of temporary veneers based off of this wax up and put them over your unprepped teeth. Once you’re happy with the way they look, we’ll start the actual treatment process.

After your teeth have been gently prepped, we take another series of impressions to create your permanent veneers. About two weeks later, they are ready for us to bond into place!

Find out how veneers can boost your confidence and give you the smile that you deserve! Schedule a complimentary consultation at our Huntsville office today to learn more. Financing plans are available. Call us at 256-539-4079.

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